Measures of Success

At Valley Logistics & Distribution, we measure success through our commitment to the highest quality of service, advanced logistics strategies, and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Our aim is to streamline your operations and improve your bottom line through expert supply chain management.

Success. Measured.

With a comprehensive suite of 3PL services, Valley is continually striving to redefine excellence in logistics and distribution. We employ a stringent system of KPIs and progressive benchmarks to ensure the seamless, efficient, and timely delivery of your goods. These measures of success translate directly into cost savings and growth for your business, empowering you to meet market demands with agility and confidence.

Proactive Monitoring

We utilize advanced tracking systems to monitor shipments in real time, ensuring reliability and timeliness.

Strategic Partnership

We work in synergy with your business, aligning our logistics solutions with your specific goals and needs.

Uncompromised Security

Our robust security measures ensure the absolute safety and integrity of your goods during transit and storage.

I'm Jeff Fick, president of Valley D&L. These are some questions that I'm often asked by customers. If there is anything else I can clear up for you, drop me a line.

How does Valley measure success in its logistics operations?

We employ a rigorous system of KPIs and benchmarks, ensuring we meet the high standards set for timely delivery, security, and cost-effectiveness in our operations.

What does proactive monitoring entail?

This involves the use of advanced tracking systems that monitor shipments in real time, allowing us to anticipate and swiftly address any issues that may arise during transit.

How does partnering with Valley Logistics & Distribution benefit my business?

We align our services with your specific business goals, which means your logistical needs are met in a way that’s strategic, efficient, and cost-effective.

What security measures does Valley employ to protect my goods?

We use robust, industry-leading security protocols, including advanced surveillance, secure storage facilities, and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Can Valley accommodate the logistics needs of my expanding business?

Absolutely. Our scalable solutions can grow with your business, ensuring you can meet increasing market demands with ease and efficiency.