Core Values

At Valley Logistics & Distribution, we navigate the complex world of logistics guided by a compass of core values. These six fundamental principles – Integrity, Diversity, Teamwork, Grit, Customer-Centricity, and Community – underpin our business ethos and inspire us to deliver excellence in every aspect of our service.

Valley’s 6 Guiding Values

Our core values are more than just words; they are deeply embedded in our company culture and reflect who we are and what we stand for. We view them not only as fundamental beliefs that guide our behavior and decision-making but also as a commitment to our clients, partners, and community. They represent our promise to uphold the highest standards of service and performance in the logistics industry.

Every action we take, every decision we make, is infused with our core values. They aren’t simply buzzwords we use; they’re the ingrained principles that define our business character and guide our operations. These values represent our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service in the logistics industry and maintaining a positive relationship with our clients, partners, and the communities we serve.



We demonstrate high ethical standards through our daily interactions with our team, our suppliers, and our customers and admit failure when it occurs. We do not push blame onto others as we are responsible for our own success.



We value those with different backgrounds, life experiences, and nationalities for what they can bring to the organization. We will not accept racism, harassment, or bullying in our organization.



We are bigger than ourselves. We value supporting our peers through our daily actions.

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We have an internal drive to succeed and to help our team and customers succeed.  We do “whatever it takes” to stay successful.



The entire team is focused on the success of our customers. We are the last eyes to see our customer’s product prior to shipment – we will always drive to move our customers forward.



We want the city and community in which we work to be a better place and we are committed do our part through GREEN initiatives and working to reduce our carbon footprint.