At Valley Logistics & Distribution, we are deeply committed to promoting sustainability within our operations and throughout the supply chain. Recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, we integrate eco-friendly practices into our business model, providing services that not only meet your logistical needs but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Sustainably Efficient

We believe that a successful business is one that takes into account its environmental impact. That’s why we’ve implemented a range of sustainable practices, from optimizing route planning to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, to using energy-efficient facilities, and promoting responsible waste management. At Valley, sustainability isn’t an afterthought – it’s a core principle that drives every decision we make.

The TEAM at Valley Distribution & Logistics share a firm belief in conservation and sustainability.  We operate our facilities with 100% electric equipment.  We currently have 30% of our space using LED lighting on individual motion sensors with the target of being 100% by the end of 2023.  We utilize recycled corrugate and void fill in our pick and pack operations and do not use any plastics.  We expect all our vendors to have sustainability programs in place as well.

Eco-Conscious Operations

Our operations are meticulously designed to minimize our environmental footprint. This includes strategically planning routes to reduce mileage and carbon emissions, utilizing energy-efficient warehousing and distribution facilities, and continually investing in eco-friendly technologies and practices. Our commitment to green operations reflects in every shipment we make, every route we plan, and every decision we take.

Responsible Waste Management

At Valley, we’re staunch advocates of the circular economy, dedicated to reducing, reusing, and recycling waste whenever possible. We have stringent waste management protocols in place that minimize waste generation and promote recycling. From mindful packaging to recycling programs for our offices and warehouses, we are committed to turning waste into a resource, reducing landfill, and supporting a sustainable future.

Innovative Green Solutions

Sustainability at Valley is a journey of continuous improvement. We always strive to enhance our green initiatives and are constantly seeking innovative methods to make our operations more sustainable. This means staying abreast of advancements in technology, processes, and best practices that can help us reduce our environmental impact. From exploring cleaner energy sources to trialing greener materials for packaging, we are committed to leading the charge in sustainable logistics.

I'm Jeff Fick, president of Valley D&L. These are some questions that I'm often asked by customers. If there is anything else I can clear up for you, drop me a line.

How does Valley incorporate sustainability into its operations?
Valley implements a wide range of sustainable practices, such as optimizing routes to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, using energy-efficient facilities, and promoting responsible waste management.
How does Valley's approach to sustainability benefit my business?

By partnering with us, your business becomes a part of the solution to environmental challenges. It also signals to your customers that you are committed to sustainable practices, which can enhance your brand’s image and value.

Does Valley's commitment to sustainability impact the quality of its services?

Not at all. While we are committed to sustainability, we never compromise on the quality of our services. Our sustainable practices are designed to work in harmony with our commitment to providing exceptional logistics and distribution solutions.

How does Valley ensure the continuous improvement of its sustainable practices?

We regularly assess our operations, seek innovative green solutions, and stay abreast of advancements in sustainable technologies and practices.

Can I request specific sustainable practices in the services provided by Valley?

Absolutely. We work closely with our clients to meet their unique needs and can incorporate specific sustainable practices based on your requirements and objectives.