Valley is located right in Memphis, but our distribution center itself is positioned right off of two major interstates. This makes it easy to get your product on the road when it is ordered—which means quicker delivery straight to you! Memphis is a huge place for distribution. It holds a lot of the jobs in the area, and we work hard to get things to you as quickly as possible.


10 East Belz Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38109

Valley D&L

Distribution Center

2000 Latham St
Memphis, TN 38106

Valley D&L


In 1 Day


In 2 Days

Memphis: Because location matters

40% of the United States population can be served by overnight trucking from Memphis. With 2-day trucking, that increases to 70%.

Busiest cargo airport in the United States. This means that you can get what you need much faster, which saves you time and money.

On the banks of the Mississippi River, which means we have close port access. 4th largest port on the Inland Waterway System.

One of the four United States cities that is served by five class I railroads.

Four national interstate highways (I-40, I-55, I-69, I-22).

20% of the local workforce is in the distribution industry.

I'm Jeff Fick, president of Valley D&L. These are some questions that I'm often asked by customers. If there is anything else I can clear up for you, drop me a line.

How many locations does Valley Logistics & Distribution operate?

Valley Logistics & Distribution operates multiple facilities to ensure we efficiently cover our service areas and deliver optimal results to our clients.

Are all Valley locations equipped with the same technological capabilities?

Yes, all our locations are outfitted with the latest in logistics technology to ensure consistent and high-quality service across all our facilities.

Can I tour one of Valley's locations?

We welcome prospective and current clients to tour our facilities. Please reach out to our customer service team to schedule a visit.

How does Valley decide on the location of its facilities?

Our facility locations are strategically chosen based on market needs, transportation access, and the goal of ensuring efficient and timely services for our clients.

Are there plans to expand and open new locations in the future?

Valley Logistics & Distribution continuously evaluates market demands and growth opportunities. While we are always looking to expand and better serve our clients, specific expansion plans are based on the evolving needs of our customer base.